Holiday Family Portraits

We know getting the family together for that one photo is very important, and what better time than the holidays? We want to help you capture you and your family this season and spread the holiday cheer by offering hundreds of free customizable holiday cards! Blackwell Photography Holiday CardsBlackwell Photography Holiday Cards

We offer 4x8 cards and 5x7 folded cards at affordable prices, all available just days after your photoshoot! It's super easy, just pick the photo you want, throw it in the card design on our website, and order as many cards as you want! We've added a few examples here to show you what you'll be workin' with! You can also view more information about the cards on our photo hosting and printing site, here!

Blackwell Photography Holiday CardsCheck out more Blackwell Photography Family portraits!

Blackwell Photography Holiday Cards

Call 213.915.8734 or e-mail to schedule your shoot. Hurry, spots before December 24th are already filling up fast!

Cheers, -marc

Erlandsen Family

Hello blogger world! This is the other half of Blackwell Photography... Stacey Nicole formally known as "Urban Lifestyle Photography". I have been busy building, birthing and nurturing our offspring so that the world can become a better place as Marc says... one beautiful baby at a time ;) Speaking of familes and beautiful babies... I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family right here... they are so fun and full of life with a passion of the arts each in their own ways. This precious little boy Bodhi is now a regular in our household, enjoying play dates with Zoe. We have grown very fond of these 3... So sit back and enjoy these beautiful photos from our shoot back in FEBRUARY!!! Man the days and months are flying by oh so fast. This is not the last time you'll be hearing from me.. I have lots to catch up on. Enjoy your days slowly... and with love.

Indie Rose Blackwell

We are excited to announce the birth of our new child, Indie Rose Blackwell! She was brought into this world on June 13th, 2011. We love her very much. We are reminded how important photography is as we are capturing the first few days of our beautiful little girl's life. We don't take memories like these for granted and want to remind you of our commitment to serving you and yours just as we would our own.

Cheers! -marc

Rhys Yeoman's Headshots

Rhys Yeoman's is currently best known for his leading role in Billy Elliot The Musical in London's West End. He traveled alllll the way from Manchester to shoot with us ... ha, just kidding, I wish!  But we did get to spend a lot of time w/ him and his family as we shot his music video and snapped a few awesome headshots! What do you think?

J. Shorty's Portraits!

I met Shorty at a Starbucks in Sherman Oaks, and instantly wanted to photograph him.  I asked, he expressed his genuine interest and love for art and photography, and the rest was history.  He was perfect inside the studio, a photographer's dream.  These shots are some of my favorite out of the entire series! Cheers, -marc

Emily Morris Portraits

Emily Morris is another one of our photogenic actress friends who I knew would be PERFECT for this series.  Emily stepped up her game and brought it with a wide variety of looks.  Yup, that's her w/ the blonde wig!

What do you think of the series so far?  What would you suggest we do with all these badass photos?

Have a good one! -marc

Brent Geisler Portraits

Brent Geisler is a good friend of mine that I met during our High School Musical days.  This guy is talented in ... everything.  From movies, to art, to music Brent rocks hard day and night.  This guy also taught me that it's cool to be a dad, and still be cool!  Very important.  I knew he would be perfect for this project and sure enough, he brought it!  Thanks B-Dawg! Peace, -marc

Noah Harden Headshots

Noah Harden is a budding actor fresh on the Hollywood scene straight out of Missouri.  Watch out, us Missouri boys aint messin' around!  This is the second time I've photographed Mr. Energetic, Mr. Talented one heck of a good lookin' guy.  We had a blast.  The photos didn't turn out so bad either!

Noah has recently been booked on a Matell commercial!  Congrats buddy!  Keep up the good work.

Peace, -marc