Zachary Kovarik Headshots

Zach and I go way back, all the way to elementary school actually.  His brother was in my class, and he a year older, but we've connected all the way from Missouri right here in California.

Zach has a lot of things going for him and his acting career.  One, he had his headshots taken by me.  That means these photos will be seen by THOUSANDS of people increasing his odds to be found by casting directors, managers, and agents all around Southern California.  Two, he has a very unique look.  His curly hair and "actor eyes", as I call them, make him perfect for many varieties of roles.  And three, this kid has a plan.  I've worked a lot of actors, and Zach has his head in the right place.  He works daily on sharpening his skills, meets lots of people, and pursues his dream to be on the screen with a strong passion and dedication.

Gearing up for next year?  Had headshots on your list for a long time?  We know actors are not always excited to update their headshots, but it must be done!  Why not get it done quickly and efficiently with a professional?  Stop wasting your time with your neighbor who got a digital camera from Best Buy on Black Friday.  Zach had his last headshots taken in Missouri years ago, by a great photographer none-the-less, but not a trained professional who specializes in HEADSHOTS.

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Peace, -marc

Blackwell Photography Participates in Help Portrait!

Saturday, December 4th 2010, I packed up our lights, c-stands and white seamless backdrop and ventured Downtown Los Angeles to a great little community church called Faith In Christ Ministries.  I, along with several other photographers, mingled and set up our equipment for a photoshoot that had a very big purpose.

At 10 o'clock we opened the doors to the community for the now internationally successful event, Help Portrait.  Help Portrait was started a few years ago by a couple of photographers who wanted to give back.  The idea, invite under-privileged families and individuals who otherwise couldn't afford or have the opportunity to have their picture taken, to be the subject of their very own full on photoshoot!

We had make-up artists on hand, assistants galore, lots photo paper and hot coffee as some of the most interesting people I've ever met came into get photographed!  Some people told me they hadn't had their picture taken in over 20 years!  Everyone involved had a great time, and we got some really cool shots too!

Everyone got an 8x10 and hopefully a little more confidence as they saw via a photograph how unique and special they really are.

It was a great day of giving back, sharing our talents and being a part of something bigger than ourselves.  We here at Blackwell Photography believe that photography should not only pay our bills, but also inspire and encourage the world around us.  Help Portrait gave us that opportunity and also opened our eyes that we need to do more service in the future.

Peace, -marc

Elana and Ian - Wedding (on Film!)

In September, we showed you the stunning digital images we photographed at Elana and Ian's wedding.  They were and still are some of our best work ... but I've been holding out on you.  When I mentioned to Ian that I would like to shoot some black and white film on the day of his wedding, he got as excited as I was.  So the day of, we packed not only our high end digital cameras, but a few 35mms as well.  Packed with black and white rolls of film, we captured these AWESOME images above. One thing that makes us stand out from all the other wedding photographers out there, is the fact that we LOVE shooting with film.  There's something timeless and raw about shooting black and white film, and it enhances the specialness of your wedding day.  While you're still getting the highest quality digital images, you're also getting the classic, vintage, beautiful imagery that only film provides.

We hope you like these shots as much as we did!

Lucas Grabeel Photo on Just Jared Jr!

It's always fun to see your photography in other random places on the web.  I was doing an image search for our high school, Kickapoo High School, and I found this photo.  Clicking on it led me to Just Jared Jr., a website for young celebrity news. Good friend, Lucas Grabeel, and I took this photo on white rocking chairs in front of his old house for People Magazine.  While they ended up not using this photo for the magazine (he wasn't smiling enough ... bleh) it's still cool to see it's getting good use.  One day, People will be begging me to photograph for them.  :)

Lucas and I have a long history together, and I owe him a lot for the advancement of my photography career.  He helped me purchase my first bad ass professional camera, got me hooked up with the High School Musical franchise, and has always provided me with a photogenic face to photograph as well as positive reinforcement that chasing my photography dream was the right path.  I probably have THOUSANDS of photos of the guy.  Maybe one day I'll post an entire blog post dedicated to the portraits he and I have created together.

Have a good one!

Peace, -marc

Lauren Zima's Headshots

The other day I had the pleasure of photographing Lauren Zima.  Watch out for this girl, she's breakin' onto the scene and not messin' around.  When I met her to discuss her headshots and the shoot, she had been in Los Angeles 3 days!  That's what I call a go-getter!  She was a great gal to shoot too, very prepared, very professional, and very fun! Have a great day! -marc

The Milan Family and Vineyard - Family Photos

We had the exciting opportunity to travel to Topanga Canyon and photograph the Milan family!  The Milan's own and operate a beautiful little vineyard that produces some of the best wine I've ever tasted.  After the shoot, they even graciously gave us a bottle of 2008's Topanga Triad.  Yum yum!

Anyway, they wanted some photos of their son, some family photos, and individual shots they could use for their business.  We all were very pleased how the shots came out and it was a fun day shooting around their vineyard.  What do you think?

Have a good one!

Matt Stansberry - Live Music

The other night Stacey and I took a date night to go to the Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood and see a friend from college, Matt Stansberry perform.  It was a great, laid back and fun show.  He, Matt, had his brother and another guy with him and everyone enjoyed the music. I love shooting live music.  There's a since of freedom and creativity when it comes to photographing music on a stage.  Up that ISO, play with the lights and lens flare, and run around the floor and stage snapping lots of pics.  I felt like I was shooting Dave Matthews this night, and continue to dream of the day when that will happen!  Shooting Matt was pretty cool though!  We even purchased his EP "Self Portrait"!

Zoe Marcia's Headshots

Ever since Zoe was born, we have known, and people have told us, our daughter is beautiful.  "She should be in movies!"  some say.  "Get this girl in commercials!"  others say.  "This child should be the next Gerber baby!" people exclaim.  And we hear ya! Well, now that she's over 1 years old we're going to go ahead and give it a try. These are Zoe's first official headshots!  We have submitted a few photos to a few agencies around town, but now we're going to push harder than before.  If you or anyone you know represents toddlers, show them these shots!  Or, if you have a project coming up and are in need of a 1 year old, hit us up!  Zoe has a great temperament, she mimics very well, and she's cool when mom and dad aren't around!  The perfect toddler for any project.

Peace, -marc & stacey

Chris and Shahiedah - Engagement Shoot

Chris and I worked together over 4 years ago.  It was so long ago we couldn't even remember how we found each other!  He needed some corporate headshots then, and 3 years later he and his beautiful fiance' contacted me again to shoot these fun engagement shots.  Shahiedah and I hit it off January of 2009, when these shots were taken, and I knew I'd be photographing these two for a long time to come!

Since the photos above, I've photographed Chris' entire family, his birthday party, and Stacey and I are gearing up to shoot their wedding in November!  We joke that I will shoot their anniversary pictures in a nursing home some day.

Enjoy! -marc

Jared Murillo - Headshots / Press Shots

Jared and I met while we toured the world with High School Musical.  We instantly got along and vowed to take pictures one day.  Almost 3 years after this guy was dancing in front of 60,000+ people in Beunos Aires Argentina, and after he'd been a part of hit sensation V-Factory, (it's not a boy band, really, ask him!) I FINALLY got him in front of my lens.  And it was a lot of fun, as I suspected it would be!  We got some great shots, here are a few! Peace, -marc

Wolfe - Family Photos

A lot of people think I, Marc, only shoot headshots.  Well that just aint true!  While we live in the land of actors, headshots do make up the majority of my work, but every once in a while I get the opportunity to photograph a family or a baby, like above!  This shoot came through because of a Living Social promotion I put out last month.  I couldn't be more happier with these photos, and I know the Wolfe's love 'em too.  How could they not??  Do you see how cute that baby is?  It was such a fun photoshoot; a 3 week old baby, baby music, and a cute little studio set up (with the help from Stacey) made this an unforgettable photoshoot. Through the blog, you'll be able to tell we don't just shoot one thing . . . we photograph everyone!

Peace, -marc

Introducing Blackwell Photography!

Welcome!Let this be the first place we introduce ourselves as Blackwell Photography!

We, Marc and Stacey Blackwell, invite you to follow us on this blog as we continue our exciting adventures as professional photographers in Los Angeles.

So – why Blackwell Photography? As married love birds, and business partners we decided it would be wise to have "all of our eggs in one basket".  We still provide the same great service we always have, only now under the trinity of Marc, Stacey, and Blackwell Weddings.

Marc photographs portraits, celebrities, headshots, and musicians.

Stacey photographs any human being simply living the life they live. Be it actors, musicians, comedians, families, couples, babies, or any beautiful being whom wants the experience of creating awesome photos in front of the lens.

And, together we combine creative forces in photographing wedding celebrations!

We are always perfecting our photography, our business, and our relationships, for one reason - to create an unforgettable photography experience.

Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you soon!

- marc & stacey