The Importance of Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography I was recently shooting a wedding when I came BACK to the realization of how important wedding photography really is.

When people ask what my favorite subject to photograph, I always say either Weddings or Engagement photos. Why? Because I feel true love is one of the most beautiful things to capture in camera. When a couple is truly in love, that shines!  Those photos are magical. Not to mention that a couple will cherish the photos for the rest of their lives! It is photography that matters! Images that actually mean something! We're not shooting a product, or a photo that will simply go up on a webpage for a few months and eventually... no, it's a photo, or an album of photos that will be cherished for the rest of the couple, their kids, and their grandkids lives!

And that is why it is so important to be present, be aware, and be in a good state of mind during the actual wedding! It's not just another gig. It's not just a paycheck. It's important to vibe well with the bride and groom, to be happy in all aspects of the job. And that's tough! It's easy to get caught up in the money, the scheduling, the technicalities of your gear. But what really matters is capturing the moment and making the wedding day fun for the couple. As a wedding photographer you are shadowing the wedding party for 8, 10 or more hours!  Eating well, feeling you're getting paid what you're worth, keeping the mood light, and enjoying yourself all while capturing the day is so very important.

That's all I got. Just wanted to share.