Erlandsen Family

Hello blogger world! This is the other half of Blackwell Photography... Stacey Nicole formally known as "Urban Lifestyle Photography". I have been busy building, birthing and nurturing our offspring so that the world can become a better place as Marc says... one beautiful baby at a time ;) Speaking of familes and beautiful babies... I had the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family right here... they are so fun and full of life with a passion of the arts each in their own ways. This precious little boy Bodhi is now a regular in our household, enjoying play dates with Zoe. We have grown very fond of these 3... So sit back and enjoy these beautiful photos from our shoot back in FEBRUARY!!! Man the days and months are flying by oh so fast. This is not the last time you'll be hearing from me.. I have lots to catch up on. Enjoy your days slowly... and with love.