Zachary Kovarik Headshots

Zach and I go way back, all the way to elementary school actually.  His brother was in my class, and he a year older, but we've connected all the way from Missouri right here in California.

Zach has a lot of things going for him and his acting career.  One, he had his headshots taken by me.  That means these photos will be seen by THOUSANDS of people increasing his odds to be found by casting directors, managers, and agents all around Southern California.  Two, he has a very unique look.  His curly hair and "actor eyes", as I call them, make him perfect for many varieties of roles.  And three, this kid has a plan.  I've worked a lot of actors, and Zach has his head in the right place.  He works daily on sharpening his skills, meets lots of people, and pursues his dream to be on the screen with a strong passion and dedication.

Gearing up for next year?  Had headshots on your list for a long time?  We know actors are not always excited to update their headshots, but it must be done!  Why not get it done quickly and efficiently with a professional?  Stop wasting your time with your neighbor who got a digital camera from Best Buy on Black Friday.  Zach had his last headshots taken in Missouri years ago, by a great photographer none-the-less, but not a trained professional who specializes in HEADSHOTS.

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Peace, -marc