Lucas Grabeel Photo on Just Jared Jr!

It's always fun to see your photography in other random places on the web.  I was doing an image search for our high school, Kickapoo High School, and I found this photo.  Clicking on it led me to Just Jared Jr., a website for young celebrity news. Good friend, Lucas Grabeel, and I took this photo on white rocking chairs in front of his old house for People Magazine.  While they ended up not using this photo for the magazine (he wasn't smiling enough ... bleh) it's still cool to see it's getting good use.  One day, People will be begging me to photograph for them.  :)

Lucas and I have a long history together, and I owe him a lot for the advancement of my photography career.  He helped me purchase my first bad ass professional camera, got me hooked up with the High School Musical franchise, and has always provided me with a photogenic face to photograph as well as positive reinforcement that chasing my photography dream was the right path.  I probably have THOUSANDS of photos of the guy.  Maybe one day I'll post an entire blog post dedicated to the portraits he and I have created together.

Have a good one!

Peace, -marc