Elana and Ian - Wedding (on Film!)

In September, we showed you the stunning digital images we photographed at Elana and Ian's wedding.  They were and still are some of our best work ... but I've been holding out on you.  When I mentioned to Ian that I would like to shoot some black and white film on the day of his wedding, he got as excited as I was.  So the day of, we packed not only our high end digital cameras, but a few 35mms as well.  Packed with black and white rolls of film, we captured these AWESOME images above. One thing that makes us stand out from all the other wedding photographers out there, is the fact that we LOVE shooting with film.  There's something timeless and raw about shooting black and white film, and it enhances the specialness of your wedding day.  While you're still getting the highest quality digital images, you're also getting the classic, vintage, beautiful imagery that only film provides.

We hope you like these shots as much as we did!