Zoe Marcia's Headshots

Ever since Zoe was born, we have known, and people have told us, our daughter is beautiful.  "She should be in movies!"  some say.  "Get this girl in commercials!"  others say.  "This child should be the next Gerber baby!" people exclaim.  And we hear ya! Well, now that she's over 1 years old we're going to go ahead and give it a try. These are Zoe's first official headshots!  We have submitted a few photos to a few agencies around town, but now we're going to push harder than before.  If you or anyone you know represents toddlers, show them these shots!  Or, if you have a project coming up and are in need of a 1 year old, hit us up!  Zoe has a great temperament, she mimics very well, and she's cool when mom and dad aren't around!  The perfect toddler for any project.

Peace, -marc & stacey