Wolfe - Family Photos

A lot of people think I, Marc, only shoot headshots.  Well that just aint true!  While we live in the land of actors, headshots do make up the majority of my work, but every once in a while I get the opportunity to photograph a family or a baby, like above!  This shoot came through because of a Living Social promotion I put out last month.  I couldn't be more happier with these photos, and I know the Wolfe's love 'em too.  How could they not??  Do you see how cute that baby is?  It was such a fun photoshoot; a 3 week old baby, baby music, and a cute little studio set up (with the help from Stacey) made this an unforgettable photoshoot. Through the blog, you'll be able to tell we don't just shoot one thing . . . we photograph everyone!

Peace, -marc